Robotic Cholecystectomy with Intraoperative Firefly Cholangiogram


45 year old female who was diagnosed with gallstones by ultrasound.  She was experiencing recurrent bouts of right upper quadrant abdominal pain.

She was also experiencing discomfort after eating spicy/greasy foods which was associated with bloating and nausea.  She underwent a preoperative consultation with ATX robotic surgery and a Robotic assisted cholecystectomy was recommended.  This video shows the operation highlighting the use of intraoperative “firefly technology”.

5MG of IV ICG (Dye picked up by the liver) is given to the patient 2 hours prior to surgery.  The dye is picked up by the cells in liver and excreted into the bile ducts.   Everything that is lighting up green is the liver and the major bile ducts.  Firefly has enable us to perform cholecystectomies faster and safer.  Our risk of injuring the major biliary ducts has dramatically decreased.  The operation took a total of about 25 minutes and was done as an outpatient.   Patient returned to clinic 2 weeks after surgery had a normal examination and was tolerating all her diet without and symptoms.

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