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What insurance does ATX accept?

ATX Robotic Surgery partners with most major insurance providers . Please call us at  (512) 436-9986 to learn more about financing options that are available.

What can I expect after robotic surgery?

This depends on the type of operation. Many operations are done as outpatient procedures and patients can be discharged the day of surgery. Some operations require 1-3 days in the hospital. Robotic surgery outcomes and data have shown that patients recover faster, with less time in the hospital and less use of pain medication and narcotics.

How is robotic surgery different from laparoscopic surgery?

Robotic surgery is different in several ways.

First, the camera used in robotic surgery is a high definition 4K – 3D camera. This enables the surgeon to have a precise and clear view of the operating field. The surgeon is also in control of the camera at all times. In traditional laparoscopic surgery an assistant holds the camera and runs it for the surgeon.

Second, the instruments used by the surgeon can move and maneuver in a more precise manner than even the human hand. The instruments can turn and rotate in ways our hands and laparoscopic instruments cannot.

Lastly, given the improvement in visualization and instrumentation we can do difficult and complex cases that were not as feasible laparoscopically. These can be done safer and faster leading to improved recovery time and less use of pain medication and return to work faster.

How soon can I schedule my robotic surgery?

Surgery can be scheduled within 2 weeks of a consultation.

Can robotic surgery be used in situations where emergency or urgent surgery is required?

Yes. We use robotic surgery when on call and when emergent or urgent surgery is needed. Again, the improvement in visualization and instrumentation helps make emergent/urgent operations easier for the surgeon.

Where can I have my robotic surgery?

We offer robotic surgery at all the major hospitals in Austin. St Davids SAMC, St Davids NAMC, St Davids Medical Center, St Davids Surgical Hospital and Seton hospitals.

Does a robot actually do my surgery?

No. The surgeon is doing the entire procedure and is in control of all the instruments and the robotic arms at all times.

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