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ATX Robotic Surgery partners with most major insurance providers. Please call us at (512) 436-9986 to learn more about financing options that are available.

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Scheduling and preparing for your surgery.

It is our pleasure to take care of you and provide the highest level of personalized surgical care in Austin. ATX’s staff will schedule the operation for the date and time discussed. After this, the hospital will call you to confirm date and time.

The night before surgery.
  • Do not eat or drink after midnight.
  • If medications must be taken, it is okay to take those with a sip of water after midnight or in the morning of surgery.
  • There may be specific medications that your surgeon tells you not to take before the surgery.
The day of surgery.
  • Expect pre-operative nurses at the hospital to provide excellent care and prepare you for the operation.
  • The ATX Robotic Surgeon will come talk to you prior to proceeding to the OR suite.
  • After the surgery, patients will be monitored in the hospital’s post-operative area until you are approved for discharge.
Recovering after surgery.
  • Expect some mild discomfort at incision sites.
  • It is normal to have some mild drainage or bloody drainage from the incisions.
  • Our staff will call in your medications into your pharmacy.
  • Our staff will call to confirm your post-op appointment date and time, typically 10–14 days after surgery.
  • No running, jumping, exercising, or other strenuous activity for approximately 7 days.
  • Avoiding excessive time in bed may help improve results from surgery.
  • Any specifics regarding activity this will be outlined by the surgeon.

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