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Patient Education Packet

Thank you for choosing to have your operation done by ATX Robotic Surgery. It is our pleasure to take care of you and provide the highest level of personalized surgical care in Austin. This document is to help answer questions and provide support as you go through the surgery process.


  • We will schedule the operation for the date and time discussed

  • The Hospital will call you to confirm date and time

  • You can always Text or call our office (surgery-scheduler@atxroboticsurgery.com) for any updates regarding scheduling

Night before Surgery

  • Do not eat or drink after midnight

  • It is ok to take medications with a sip of water after midnight or in the morning of surgery, unless it is a specific medication that your surgeon tells you not to take

Day of Surgery

  • The pre-operative nurses at the hospital will provide excellent pre-op care and prepare you for the operation

  • Your ATX Robotic Surgeon will come talk to you prior to proceeding to the OR suite


  • You will be monitored in the post-operative area prior to discharge

  • You will be provided with discharge instructions

Most common Discharge instructions:

  • Walk, Walk , Walk! 

    Walking and staying out of bed has shown to improve results from surgery

  • Expect some mild discomfort at incision sites

  • It is normal to have some mild drainage or bloody drainage from the incisions

  • No lifting more than 15 lbs for approximately 7 days. Any specifics regarding this will be discussed by your surgeon

    • For Hernia surgery:  this will be extended to 4-6 weeks

  • No running/jumping/exercising or strenuous activity for approximately 7 days. Any specifics regarding this will be discussed by your surgeon

  • You will be given a prescription for pain medications or our staff will call these into your pharmacy

Post-op Appointment

  • Typically done 10-14 days after surgery

  • Our staff will call to confirm your date and time

Where to Find Us

  • Please follow us on  

  • Please follow us on  

  • Search for us on Google (“ATX Robotic Surgery" and "Dr. Sudeep Burman”) where you can read all of our reviews (>60 Currently!)

Contact Us

If you ever have any questions throughout the process we can always be reached in at least 4 different ways.

  • Call office 512-630-0070

  • Text office at 512-630-0070

  • Email -  surgery-scheduler@atxroboticsurgery.com

  • Send us a message on Google or Facebook

  • Fill out the form below

Get help

The first step in your recovery is to reach out to the best robotic sugery team in Central Texas. Give us a call at 512-436-9986, or send us a message by filling out the simple form below.